I am a photographer. That’s what I do and what I’m passionate about. Furthermore, I do love to share my passion with other people, so I am eager to teach, in all areas of Photography.

When I take pictures, it’s my mission to capture the story that hides in the chosen subject. It may be the story of a visionary and future-oriented businessman, a boundary-seeking musician, a holistic-thinking alternative or a love story that’s unfolding in front of my camera. It’s about getting the depth of the human so that the image never gets flat and irrelevant.

I hope the pictures on this website will tell you this story.


My way of living as a photographer has been brogged and I have taken different things with me through life, which today gave me the ability to live as a professional photographer. I have taken pictures since I was a child, but when I was young, I chose a road that led me to a life as an IT consultant. That period in my life has given me the ability to quickly solve problems and think of the “big picture” – especially when I’m on a photo assignment, it’s all not going as planned. If it’s raining on a wedding day, the couple still have beautiful pictures from the day.

My technical interest has also inspired me to work with the camera’s technical tools – and it is typically also within the technical means that I hold workshops and courses because when you master the technique you get the freedom to focus on compositions and motives.

Beside my work and photography, I have been practicing Karate for many years and I am a 2’degree black belt; It has developed my ability to concentrate and focus in crucial moments – even if the surroundings are troubled.

The culmination between my interests can be seen in the art exhibitions I have made of martial arts practitioners.


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