When “The victim” was ready with his last single, he visited my studio, to shoot some new press-and album pictures

The victim

Kenneth that’s his birth name, fight the long tough fight to “make it” in the music industry. As he says, “That’s all I want, and all that I know”.

Compared to his early music, this album is a bit melancholy, but with little hope.

I have a fondness for people who fight for what they are passionate about. And I love to have them in front of the camera, where I can help tell their story.

It’s not the first time that The victim is in front of my camera, it used to be his early band “Nanny Nostock”. Today he has gone solo and has started a new band, with one of the old and two new, but we will be there next week.

A little creative play with double impressions.

It was a cup of coffee and a couple of nice hours in the studio, on a sunny Sunday.

Do you want to hear what Kenneth is going to do, can be found on Spotify.