“Create something you want to participate in” was a good piece of advice I once received. I would like to go to the workshop with Pep Bonet – and that is why I have changed him to Denmark. ”

Many years ago, yes, I think that was when the Nikon D700 came out; I was at a lecture with two NOOR photographers.

It was the first time I met Pep Bonet when he talked about working with NGOs and burying himself in a story.

I was sold

This was long before I even realized that documentary photography was a thing. Yes, I focused mostly on getting “good exposure”.

But one thing was for sure; even though many complained about the treaty when there was no peep about technique, Pep got with his lecture tickled by something in me.

Who’s Pep Bonet?

There are probably many Danes who do not know Pep, together with his good friend Jan Grarup (you probably know him if you are danish ;)), he was one of the founders of NOOR images that is a photo agency that ie. works a lot with human rights.

In addition to having won several awards, among others. Kodak Young Photographer of the Year in 2003 and several World Press Photo Awards, both as a photographer and filmmaker, Pep has spent a lot of time documenting the imbalance in the world.

He has also received the W. Eugene Smith Humanistic Grant in Photography Award for more down-to-earth projects such as the “amputees’ football league in Sierra Leone.”

Yes ok, then he has won a number of awards and made a large number of personal projects. I would strongly recommend that you look past his two pages either https://www.noorimages.com/pep-bonet or https://pepbonet.com/.

Among other things, Pep is known for the long-running reportage about the rock’n’roll band Motöhead which he followed in the period 2008-2015, where he documented the many hours on the road.

Motörhead “European Tour”. Glasgow, Scotland. Carling Academy. November 2008.

One of the projects I myself fell for is his Botswana Hell bangers. His interest in heavy metal is pointed against a subculture in Botswana and during a few stays down there, he documented their everyday life and their heavy metal personalities.

Afrika, Botswana, Gaborone, december 2015 Foto af Pep Bonet / NOOR .

I was like a little kid in a candy store when Theis and I in 2019 were offered by Nikon to be allowed to interview Pep Bonet about the new Z cameras. We did not get to talk so much about the cameras … but judge for yourself: was I in a candy store? Yes, I think I was;)

Workshop on 28 – 29 October 2020

I have long wanted a workshop with Pep, but it has been difficult for me blah. due to work and family.

So now I have invited Pep to Denmark, where he will hold a lecture for the Danish Journalists’ Association, together with Jan Grarup. Subsequently, he will be a teacher at a two-day documentary workshop/master class, where there is room for 10 interested students.

The workshop

The workshop is open to photographers, visual journalists, videographers, and filmmakers as well as those interested in developing a transmedia practice.

During the two-day program, Pep Bonet (ES) will share key insights, experiences, and tools to help workshop participants develop their own long term transmedia projects. The program includes portfolio, editing sessions and discussions covering everything from transmedia project conception, budget development and production, to collaboration and dissemination.

Participants can get the most out of the experience when they come to the workshop with a body of work they are currently editing, working on and/or thinking about how to share with audiences. The workshop will be an intense, intimate, creative, productive and inspiring experience. Participants will come away from it not only with new knowledge, ideas, tools and motivation, but also with a new network of colleagues – all of which will push their projects and practice further.

The pratical

Location : Greater Copenhagen. Due to Covid-19 the exact location will be based of the number of participants and the current restrictions.

Price: DKK 5280 / EUR 890, both prices are excluding 25% danish Vat.


  • Basic experience (two to three years) in documentary photography or photojournalism in a professional or educational setting
  • Fluent English is required (the workshop will be conducted in English)
  • Good technical understanding of your camera equipment


  • After purchasing the ticket, you will get at the link to an Application Form.
  • Complete the Application Form, including your motivation (200 words maximum), relevant work experience (200 words maximum), relevant education & training experience (200 words maximum) & a description of the project you are currently working on (200 words maximum)
  • The form will also prompt you to submit an image portfolio which must be submitted as a PDF and include the following:
    • No more than 40 images in total including:
      • At least one photo story (minimum 8 images, maximum 20 images)
      • No more than 8 single images (images which are not part of a photo story)
    • All images should be accompanied by a short caption including the date the photo was made
    • For any photo story, please include a title and short introduction
  • There are also fields for applicants to include up to three Vimeo links for video

The deadline to submit your application is 11:59pm CET, Tuesday, 20 October 2020

For more information or questions, feel free to contact either: 

Chloé Zanni – chloe@noorimages.com
Jakob Kjøller – workshop@jakobkjoller.com

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